Rock-Kote™ Creme


Rock-Kote™ is a two-part epoxy system that offers good water, chemical and abrasion resistance. It is for use over floors, walls, concrete, ceramic tile, counter tops, table tops sink bowls and vanity tops.

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Approved Application Area Walls, Ceilings, Floors (Wood), Floors (Cement), Floors (Other), Countertops, Plastic Accents (Switch Plate ETC)
Application Method Brushed
Clean Up Soap & Water
Approved Climate Rating Interior
Color No
Consistency (Density) Thin Liquid (Watery)
Size (Product Line/Container) 8 Oz (Gold Line/Bottle)
Available Sizes & Square Footage 8 Oz Bottle- Sq. Footage N/A (Additive)
Durability N/A
Finish Texture Smooth (Paint Like)
Grit (Finish) No
Intermix No
Manufacturer Faux Effects International
Product Line Gold Line
Sheen (Finish) N/A
Shelf Life 120 - 365 Days
Square Footage Coverage No
Approved Substrate Painted Drywall, Melamine, Cement, Plastic
Suggested Additives No
  • Apply only to clean dry horizontal surfaces.
  • Do Not Apply by Sprayer. This material is not approved for spray-on applications and may damage equiptment.
  • Small amounts of water, up to 20%, may be added for applications when slower drying or repeated back brushing is required.
  • Rock-Kote™ can be applied in water/wet areas such as shower stalls, fountains and sink basins.
  • For applications after curing for one week or longer, a fine sanding is required before re-coating.
  • Wait 48 hours when applying Rock-Kote™ over a foil finish to ensure all water has evaporated.
  • For a soft, satin sheen, rub the dry Rock-Kote™ with a fine nylon pad after drying 24 hours.
  • Stir Rock-Kote™ Part A. Using a different stir stick, stir Rock-Kote™ Part B. Then, mix equal parts of Rock-Kote™ Part A (Epoxy) and Part B (Hardener).
  • Water-Based Rock-Kote™ Conditioner may be added to mixture at a rate of 0.10-1.00% to control leveling and any possible pin holes due to contaminants on the surface being coated.
  • Use this mixture within 2 hours of mixing.
  • Apply evenly by brush, roller, lambs wool applicator or pouring. This material will apply milky or white in appearance but will become clear as the material begins curing.
  • Pot Life - 3 to 4 hours; cure time to touch, 6 to 8 hours; for hard use, 48 to 72 hours. Never return any mixed product to containers after mixing.
  • This material can be re-coated when dry to the touch (approximately 6 to 8 hours) or within one week after last application.
  • Allow to dry overnight for soft use or light walking over; allow 48-72 hours for harder use.
  • If additional Rock-Kote™ coats are to be applied, allow at least 6 hours drying time between coats.
  • Tough and flexible
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Water and chemical resistant
  • Wear protective gloves when mixing and applying Rock-Kote™
  • Do not apply in temperatures under 55°F, or in damp, cold or humid conditions.
  • Technical product- training through Faux Masters Studio workshop recommended
Weight N/A


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