DecoEase Sea Sponge Roller


The DecoEase Sea Sponge Roller is a real sea sponge, hand-crafted into a faux-painting roller cover! Qauli-Tech DecoEase natural sea sponge roller creates beautiful faux painting effects in a fraction of the time of other methods. DecoEase is truly the High-Production faux decorating tool!

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  • Great for use with LusterStone®
  • Soak the DecoEase roller cover in water, and then squeeze out thoroughly before use.
  • Use short, straight strokes in various directions to create a random pattern.
  • When ‘sponging-on’, the amount of paint in the roller and the pressure you apply determine the textural effect.
  • Experiment with ‘loaded’ and ‘dry’ roller, light and medium pressures.
  • Wash the DecoEase roller gently in clear water after each use.
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