Faux Painting Experts

Welcome to Faux Masters Studio, a faux painting and faux finish training and education center serving residents of Orange County and the Greater Los Angeles area. Decades of experience make our workshops a stimulating environment to gain knowledge and skills as a newcomer, or enhance and master your current abilities. No matter your background or proficiency in faux painting practices — from DIYers to working contractors — anyone can benefit from classes at our faux finishing school.

Learn about faux painting in a classroom tailored to your needs!

Our limited class sizes means instructors have a close hand in your learning process – your questions and concerns are addressed promptly and thoroughly. If you are having issues with a specific project and can’t seem to resolve them, we also offer private lessons. These are one-on-one sessions with our veteran instructors, who can help you on any finishing project.

Along with special guest instructors at our faux painting school, our hands-on courses are taught by experts from Faux Masters Studio and our affiliate, Hoppe Brothers and Sons; all of whom have keen insight and trade secrets acquired by years of faux painting and faux finishing work. By training with these industry leaders and the Faux Effects International product line, our students learn how to effectively use the most cutting-edge, water-based systems out today.

We bring our students the newest and most practical approaches in faux finishing.

We continuously study the newest advances in the field and we deliver them straight to our students. The workshops are designed to bring you the latest innovations in faux and decorative finishing techniques. This leaves students properly equipped to take on any faux finishing project.

Your success is our goal. Our hope is for you to be able to go out into real-world scenarios and tackle your finishing projects with confidence. By using the same high quality products and up-to-date, in-demand methods employed in contracted jobs, our students have a skill set they can immediately use outside of the classroom setting.