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Product of the Month- SetCoat® Metallics

SetCoat® Metallics is designed to be used as a durable wall, trim and cabinet finish. It also performs extremely well as a superior basecoat under all of your decorative finishing projects. Because it allows AquaCreme™ and AquaGlaze® more open time for manipulation, SetCoat® is the recommended substrate for creating classic decorative finishes. This material has superb bonding and sealing qualities. It is appropriate for both interior and exterior applications. Unlike common latex paints, the high grade proprietary resins and manufacturing process of SetCoat® Metallic allows the material to be hand rubbed to a satin patina or wet sanded to a feathered edge.

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The Most Popular and Timeless Decorative Effects You Can Create with the Right Faux Finish Products

The great thing about faux finishing is that you can make a regular surface look like something completely different, and that means you can totally transform a room, a work of art, a floor, or even housewares from something regular into something extraordinary. Some of the most popular faux finishes are ones that use paint and texture to replicate the look of natural elements, such as woodgrain, gems, sandstone, and textured sand.

Other popular finishes are designed to make a surface look like a textile, such as leather, denim, and suede. There are also finishes that are meant to look like building materials, including concrete and brick finishes. Finally, there are artistic effects that can give a room or piece of furniture a completely unique look, such as weathering with a chippy paint or crackle effect, imparting a vintage look with glazing and shading, or creating a modern but classic look with strie painting.

No matter what painting project you want to take on, what medium you’re working with, or what effect you want to achieve, Faux Masters Studio has everything you need to get the job done. This includes courses to teach you the basics of any technique, workshops to provide in-depth technical and theoretical knowledge, and all the tools and supplies you need to put your knowledge to use.

Your Educational Resource for All Things Faux Finishing

The classes you attend is simply the beginning of the partnership we desire to create with you-your success is our goal. Our hope is for you to be able to go out into real world scenarios and tackle your finishing projects with confidence.

Starting with the right foundation and the right technique is crucial to achieving the professional results you want. Faux Masters Studio has been serving the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles areas for decades, and over the years we have trained a multitude of students and helped them perfect a number of popular and classic faux finish styles and grow their businesses.

Our workshops are always filled with students of varying skill levels, including beginner painters, DIY aficionados, and even contractors and painters looking to add new techniques to their repertoires.

By using the same high quality products and up-to-date, in-demand methods employed in contracted jobs, our students have a skill set they can immediately use outside of the classroom setting.

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